2016 Official Film Selections

Narrative ShortDocumentary Short
A Selfie74
A Walk In WinterAbidance
AdaptationCounter Histories: Rock Hill
Against The TideCrackle & Drag
AttunementDon't Bring Scott
B!TCHEmpty Hand
Beautiful DreamerFred and Emile
Boy/FriendMontana Death Trains
CartRadioactive Veteran
Charlie CloudheadSierra Leone From War to Peace
Cleveland AllegoriesSt. Mary of the Isle: A Century by the Sea
Cole - The RobotTales: A Cautionary Story about Heroin Addiction
ConfessionsThe Korean War : "Forgotten War", Stories to Remember
DazeUnder a Sky
DurgaWaiting for the (T)rain
F430Why Can't I Be A Sushi
Family Ties
Fear Of HeightsDocumentary Feature
Fine WineA Candle in a Candy Store
Follow MeApril Zero One
Goodbye, OhioCasablanca Mon Amour
GraffitiExit: Music
Hidden TrackFlowers and Roots, James Ragan, An Ambassador of the Arts
InvisibleFor My Children
L'encenedor QuànticLiberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism
L'ImprévuMaasai 10th Lost Tribe of Israel
Live By The SwordRoad to Hope
LoopSisyphus Rides
Love SomehowSpecial Blood
Lulu And JosieThe IBUR Connection
Mariana's SandwichTime for Fun Together - The Delusion of Harry Partch
MichaelaTriple Divide [redacted]
Miss Eleonoora and the Bottom of the BottleWomen are the Answer
My Christmas WishHorror Short
Natural Born CharacterAllhallowtide
ObservationAunt Jean
PetChateau Sauvignon: terroir
PhalanxCrying Wolf
SanctityHelp Me First!
ScatterHouse Inherited
Second ChanceSon
SlaveSwamp Buck
SllipThe Essay From Hell
Split TicketThe Eve
Spoken SilenceThe Man Who Walked Too Far
StainsTrue Copy
Sun ValleyWalpurgis Night
SyncWhat Goes Up
Tango On The Balcony
TestimonyHorror Feature
The AuditionManhandlers
The BucketPrairie Dog
The Kidnapping Of A FishShadow of the Missing
The Land of Nod
The Last TransmissionAnimation
The MentorAgrinoui
The Strange Fate Of Eli JesusAnother Day In Paradise
The ZahirDon't Be Afraid of Bears
Training Room TlvSubstratae
Tunisia 2045The Beach Boy
UnknownThe Killer Buzz
The Time Travelers
Narrative FeatureThyself
Autumn Fall
B.F.F.Experimental Short
ChangeoverDead Mall
East WestDisaster Man
Exit ThreadFilament, Filament, Filament
IntersectionI + Another (remix)
KingSick To The Bones
The HuntStill Mad as Hell
The Hunters ClubThe Betrayal
The Last Beautiful Girl
The Shattered MindExperimental Feature
Turning PagesPlatopolis
Home Guards (Veszettek)Ridden by Nature
Comedy ShortSilent City
Grocery Store Action MovieWelcome To Sugartown
Owl House
Player Two Press StartGLBT
Return of the HatA Miracle of Hanukkah
Some of My Best FriendsAccidental Activists: One Couple's Journey to the U.S. Supreme Court
Texte A TrousChristine At The Crossroads
Uhm How to SayHeterox
We'll Get ItIntrinsic Moral Evil
Comedy FeatureReligious/Spiritual
Game OnCall It In The Air
J. Kessels a.k.a Road DusterEssence: Exploring the Horse-Human Relationship
The Princess and the PeacockI Am Listening
Wild MenLadder in the Lion's Den
Soul Fish
The Confession
Music Video
The Keys
Mïus - Strobe and Noise
The Blue Room -al-hamdu li-llah
The Covz - No Stranger to Love
Tunnel of Globalization
War & Peace