2024 EIFF Call For Entries

The Erie International Film Festival Call For Entries is now open to the US and International Filmmakers, and we shall accept all lengths and genres of film including Narrative Features, Narrative Shorts, Animation Features and Shorts, Experimental Features and Shorts, and all forms of Horror, Suspense and Thriller films of Short and Feature length, all lengths of Comedies and Documentaries, along with Feature and Short lengths of GLBT and Religious/Spiritual films, along with Music Videos for our 2024 Festival.

Our festival is seeking the best films that the world has to offer while working to give new and veteran Independent Filmmakers the attention they deserve.

Now celebrating our 10th year, and as a 501c(3) non-profit, the Erie International Film Festival will accept submissions of films regardless if those films are of world premiere status at the time of submission, or if the film has been screened publicly or otherwise distributed anywhere at the time of submission.

Film enlightens the world, opens our eyes, and shows us things we do not see every day, and makes us feel things we do not always feel. Across countries, languages and classes, a film can provide us with a release, and an escape, forgetting the real world and the cares of everyday life while expanding the imagination and opening the door to new possibilities.

The Erie International Film Festival celebrates new trends in digital media and recognizes Trans-media Filmmakers who employ an innovative, interactive, web-based or multi-platform approach to story creation. Through open submissions, selections will be presented to the public via state-of-the-art technology.

Our Festival’s mission is to help Filmmakers reach the broadest possible audience while allowing the general public to experience the power of cinema in the digital age while showcasing the City of Erie as not only an excellent tourist destination but as a filmmaking alternative to the East Coast.

Our Festival introduces independent Filmmakers the world over to Erie Pennsylvania, as our City embraces the arts and culture that the worldwide Filmmaking community delivers with new stories and new points of view.

In addition to our live Film Festival event that will take place in December 2024, our Festival will expand its reach beyond the great City of Erie Pennsylvania, offering to both filmmakers who may not be able to attend our festival, and to independent film lovers around the world, the opportunity to take part in our festival through a unique virtual theater platform with our online festival. Our Festival will take place between the dates of December 6 – December 14, 2024.

Much like with the digital technology that has swept independent film festivals throughout the world since the early 2000’s, for many reasons the virtual theater is quickly becoming the first, best choice for festivals, and the new home of Independent film screenings worldwide.

Located in the heart of the beautiful and picturesque Erie Pennsylvania, our Festival offers much more than the best, most innovative films the world has to offer, but is just the thing for a Filmmaker looking for not only incredible exposure for their film but and an amazing weekend getaway as well.

With a charming environment and a captivating landscape that is permeated with historic landmarks along with an artistically infused culture, Erie Pennsylvania is the perfect backdrop for Filmmakers looking to showcase their projects to audiences that love Independent film in surroundings that are breathtaking.

We at the Erie International Film Festival take great pride in offering the highest level of respect and admiration, always putting the needs of the Filmmaker first, whether that means answering any questions that a Filmmaker may have as quickly as possible, providing the most complete updates and information about our Festival schedules and activities, or simply that one-on-one personal attention that we feel every Filmmaker deserves, while always taking special care to treat every single Filmmaker as though they were a celebrity, and as though they were the only Filmmaker participating in our Festival.

The Erie International Film Festival presents not only the highest caliber of films the world has to offer but does so in the most stunning and scenic location that when combined with our remarkable Filmmaker relations, cumulatively adds up to one of the most phenomenal festivals in which to participate.